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Cartoons All Day! Hundreds of continuous cartoons from the early days of animation from 1915 through 1975.  All cartoons are curated to present a mix of styles. Our selection does lean heavily on the works of Ub Iwerks and Dave Fleischer, two of the pioneers in animation. You'll also find some Tex Avery, Frank Tashlin, Hanna and Barbera, and a few from Walter Lantz, as well. You'll find some "Looney Tunes" cartoons that predate the ones you're used to seeing. There are also a few "sing-along" animated shorts, too. About half the inventory is in color. Over 24 hours of continuous, random play cartoons! No commercials ever!  Just $4.99. Quit at any time. To subscribe on your Roku account click here:



Amazing Stunts! Skateboard stunts, animal tricks, bird stunts, dancing, acrobatics, magic tricks, surfing, motorcycle, car, and airplane stunts. High wire, windmill stunts. This is the most complete collection of unusual stunts you've ever seen. There are also clips showing carnival fraud and what to look out for when you see spinning wheel games and shell games.  About 15 hours of continuous random play features. Perfect for your bar or venue as a great alternative to sports programming!  Just $4.99.  Quit at any time.  To subscribe on your Roku account click here:



More Info:  All licensing fees have been paid, so you owe no royalties on these videos for commercial (business) use! Use multiple Roku players and you'll see unique shows on each player!  You could have an entire wall of TVs, each playing different cartoons (or stunts) at the same time!  Most videos play fine with or without sound. All clips were chosen to be compatible with bars, waiting rooms, and club venues in mind. At any given time we have hundreds of these cartoons streaming online from our servers. The program is randomly mixed in continuous streaming format, so you never know what will turn up next. Clips are curated by a former TV executive with extensive nightclub experience.  




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