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YES! It's BarTV Plus, but it's not just for bars anymore!

15 FREE chill channels of continuous, random play videos for chilling, for your bar, club, diner, waiting room or YOURSELF!

TOTALLY 100% FREE SUBSCRIPTION! No obligation ever!

(The web URL is:



Video File Uploads!  We're Looking for Uploads!

We are accepting video files for BarTV Plus in these categories: (1) Experimental Video, (2) Dance, (3) GBLT Parades/Shows, and (4) Surfing.  Videos remain YOUR property. We do not compensate you, but you can title your videos with your website URL, as well as provide short URL info in the body of the video. Either you or we may remove your video at any time. You assert that the video and audio in your video are owned or properly licensed by you and are okay for us to use. BarTV Plus has signed up over 5,900 subscribers, so your video may be seen by thousands of people at any given time.  To upload your file, follow these steps:

Steps to file upload:

  1. Click this button to go to the uploader: Upload File

  2. Read the Read Me First file for contract information,

  3. Upload your video file(s).

  4. PLEASE also upload a text file with your contact info on it!

  5. Your video(s) will be viewed within a few days and will be posted to the BarTV Plus website if we like them. We reserve the right to place them anywhere on the BarTV Plus channel.  Please no individual file can run longer than 12 minutes, but you can upload as many as you want, so divide the longer ones into "chapters".

We also operate a paid Roku channel called Cartoons All Day

Cartoons All Day - Roku Channel $6.99 per month for over 24 hours continuous cartoons with no interruptions! Start it and forget it! Golden age of cartoons from 1915 to 1975. 

To Subscribe Click Here:

Add Cartoons All Day

More Info:  All applicable licensing fees have been paid, so you owe no royalties on these videos for commercial (business) use! Use multiple Roku players and you'll see unique shows on each player!  You could have an entire wall of TVs, each playing different cartoons (or stunts) at the same time!  Most videos play fine with or without sound. All clips were chosen to be compatible with bars, waiting rooms, and club venues in mind. At any given time we have hundreds of these cartoons streaming online from our servers. The program is randomly mixed in continuous streaming format, so you never know what will turn up next. Clips are curated by a former TV executive with extensive nightclub experience.  


Comments & Feedback Email

Write us!  We're interested in hearing what you like and don't like. SEND YOUR VIDEOS!  You can also send us links to your videos you'd like to see included on our channels. Right now we're accepting videos for Home Movies and Experimental Videos channels. Edit your website URL onto your video so that we can point viewers to your material!

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BarTV Plus TM, Incorporating the Party Shorts channel


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